Our Team

Marla Nortje

Julien Buys

Julien is responsible for all day to day office administration, including tax certificates, banking details, address updates, and statements. Juliens outstanding turn around time on client queries, feedback and administrative duties has been noted by all our clients. Julien has been in the industry since 2008

Our Compliance Team


Since joining the Financial Industry in 2008 Marla demonstrated immense eagerness to learn, potential to reach unmeasurable heights in her career, and achieved her qualifications in a record time. She markets and represents our office with integrity and outstanding professionalism.

Marla constructs client portfolios with humble integrity and specialises in long term products, tailored to accommodate every financial need. Her expertise includes Corporate Medical Aid, and Pension Fund Schemes. Marla facilitates and administers all business processes and ensures that the outstanding service we pride ourselves on, is breached time and time again.

By actively implementing our office motto “To serve is Noble” Marla contributes to our office mission of establishing lifelong client relationships. 


Jacques du Toit make his mark in Short Term Insurance and reach even greater heights than was predicted.

Not only did Jacques accept the challenge to beat his pen in the Short Term insurance industry, but he kicked sand in the eyes of veterans

In a record time he achieved his full qualification, made his mark and built up a client base that will not easily be equalled

When Jacques is approached, you will quickly realise that he knows his subject field, he manages his clients’ portfolios with great integrity and is always willing to walk the extra mile

A policy is uniquely designed to provide tailored made cover for the customers insurance needs, whether it’s Personal – Business - Professional Liability or Contractors All Risks insurance, etc., etc..

Pleroma Brokers agreements with most of the country's largest insurers enables them, to  offer a most competitive premium to policy cover in a combination of broker services that spans a period of more than thirty years

Jacques du Toit


Lehann Fourie

Discovery Specialist Business Consultant


We organize days where Vitality members can do all their tests in just under an hour and a half. The aim is that members upgrade their status during a short period of time. A timesheet is set up where the members see the biokineticist, dietitian and do blood tests. We are also willing to go to companies to do the tests.

Ilani Richards


Our Vitality Assessment Team


Marinda Bloem

Marinda Bloem, manager of our Vitality Department, excels in service excellence as many clients can testify.  

Her passion, product knowledge and dedication speaks for itself.  

She will always go the extra mile to get all clients to GOLD and DIAMOND Status to ensure they enjoy all the Discovery 

Vitality benefits available.


Our Tax Consultants


BEZT Tax Consultants and Bookkeepers was established on 27 September 2010 by Adriaan and Bianca Bezuidenhout.

We have a total of almost 20 years’ relevant experience in the accounting, bookkeeping, tax and business environment and are registered members with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT), South African Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and the Institute of Accounting and Commerce (IAC). We are also registered Tax Practitioners with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Our team consists of capable and adequate people to assist individuals and all types of business entities with all accounting, bookkeeping, tax and business related matters.

We provide our services to individuals and business entities in the Gauteng area (Pretoria and surrounding areas) as well as in the North West (Christiana and surrounding areas) and in the Northern Cape (Jan Kempdorp, Hartswater, Taung, Warrenton, Kimberley and surrounding areas).


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Jo-Anne Waite

Momentum Consultant


Gerhard Soer

Soer Consultancies

Soer Consultancies provides a wide variety of legal services to their clients. Services offered include but is not limited to:
1) The Drafting and registration of Inter vivós trusts. (Living trusts). This includes Family trusts, Business trusts, Special Trusts, Foundation Trusts etc.
2.) Soer Consultancies acts as independent trustee on several trusts to ensure that the trust is correctly managed, protected and that trusts are managed in accordance with the South Africaś laws.
3.) Drafting of wills and legal advice regarding the set up of a client’s will, whilst taking several factors into consideration for example, estate duty taxes etc.
4.)We act as executor on several estates and we have built up a good relationship with the Master of the High Court over the last couple of years, which means that 
clients estates are handled professionally and timorously.
5.) Legal agreements for example Buy and sell agreements, Partnership agreements, Memorandum of Understanding , employment agreements and many more will be drafted by the legal team at a clients request. 


Maria van Loggerenberg

Sanlam Consultant